METAL, Doom, Heavy


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VÖETSEK The Castrator Album (Six Weeks - USA original) (EX/NM) LP VÖETSEK The Castrator Album (Six Weeks - USA original) (EX/NM) LP 80kr Add to Cart
VUUR/AMENRA Split (Fivestar - Belgium original) (VG+) 7" VUUR/AMENRA Split (Fivestar - Belgium original) (VG+) 7" 250kr Add to Cart
WARHORSE As Heaven Turns To Ash... (Southern Lord - USA reissue) (NEW) 2LP WARHORSE As Heaven Turns To Ash... (Southern Lord - USA reissue) (NEW) 2LP 220kr Add to Cart
WHITE HETEROSEXUALS Modern Heterosexuality (NEW) 12" EP WHITE HETEROSEXUALS Modern Heterosexuality (NEW) 12" EP 60kr Add to Cart

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Record Labels
1 x CRIPPLES, the Dirty Head (Dirtnap - USA original) (SS) LP
1 x BRÖTZMANN/UUSKYLA Dead And Useless (Omlott - Sweden original) (NEW) LP
1 x BANG! Wild Blood (Teen Sound - Italy original) (EX) 7"
1 x JOACHIM KÜHN Sound Of Feelings (BYG - France original) (VG+/EX) LP
1 x BABY BUMPS I Got This Feeling (Ministry of Sound - UK original) (EX) 12" EP
1 x BJÖRN J:SON LINDH Boogie Woogie (Metronome - Sweden original) (EX) LP
1 x JOHN FRED Leave Her Never (Paula - USA original) (VG+) 7"
1 x BREAKESTRA Remember Who You Are (Rapster - France original) (VG+/VG) 12" EP
1 x CANNIBALS, the Nadine (Hit - UK original) (VG/VG+) 7"
1 x BABY DOLLS, the (Please) Don't Rush Me (Promo) (Gamble - USA original) (VG) 7"
1 x ARTISTICS, the Hard To Carry On (Promo) (Brunswick - USA original) (VG+) 7"
1 x GANIMIAN & HIS ORIENTAL MUSIC Come With Me To The Casbah (Cacophonic - UK reissue) (SS) LP
1 x SOUNDTRACK Ennio Morricone ‎– Bande Originale Du Film Le Clan Des Siciliens (20th Century Fox - France original) (VG+) 7"
1 x CHICKS ON SPEED Fashion Rules! (Chicks On Speed - Germany original) (NM) 12"
1 x ART & LIZA Art & Liza (Svenska Media AB - Sweden original) (VG+) LP
1 x KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW, the We Are The Ocean (Sultan - Canada original) (EX) 7"
1 x ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN Grind The Enimal (Regurgitated Semen - Germany original) (VG+/NM) LP
1 x CARCASS/CEREBRAL BORE Split (Earache - UK original) (NEW) PIC 7"
1 x BLOWFLY Business Deal (Red Rooster - USA original) (EX) 12"
1 x BLOCO CARNAVALESCO BAFO DA ONÇA O Grande Samba Do Bloco Carnavalesco (Mocambo - Brazil original) (VG+/VG-) LP
1 x ORNETTE COLEMAN I Grandi Del Jazz (Fabbri Editori - Italy repress) (EX/NM) LP
1 x CORNELIS VREESWIJK Narrgnistor och Transkriptioner (Philips - Sweden original) (VG/EX) LP
1 x BLOWFLY Porno Freak (Weird World - USA original) (VG/EX) LP
1 x BERNT STAF, KVARTETTEN SOM SPRÄNGDE Valhall (Silence - Sweden original) (VG+/EX) LP
1 x FUZZ, the The Fuzz (Munster - Spain original) (M) LP
1 x BORN FOR BURNING Born For Burning (Critical Mass - Sweden original) (NEW) 7"
1 x BORIGOR/CEREMONIAL EXECUTION Split (Erode - Germany original) (EX) 7"
1 x ELECTRIC BANANA BAND Electric Banana Band (EBB - Sweden original) (EX) LP
1 x AUTECHRE Anti EP (Warp - UK original) (VG+) 12" EP
1 x AMAZONAS Amazonas Play Santana (Stereo Gold Award - UK original) (VG+) LP
1 x EARL HINES Tea For Two (Polydor - UK original) (VG+) LP
1 x AUTECHRE Envane (Warp - UK original) (VG+) 12"
1 x ANEKDOTEN Until All The Ghosts Are Gone (GMR Music Group - Sweden reissue) (NEW) PIC LP
1 x FOLK & RACKARE Folk Och Rackare (YTF - Sweden original) (VG/EX) LP
1 x JOHN COLTRANE The Best Of John Coltrane - His Greatest Years, Vol. 3 (Impulse - USA original) (VG/VG+) 2LP
1 x ANAL MASSAKER Ka-Ka!! (Schnauf - Germany original) (EX/VG+) 7"
1 x CARCASS/GODFLESH Grind Madness At the BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions (Sweden exclusive) (Earache - UK original) (NEW) LP
1 x CHARLIE MINGUS/THELONIOUS MONK/JOHN COLTRANE/ERIC DOLPHY I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 16 (Curcio - Italy original) (EX) LP
1 x COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCHESTRA Jumpin' At The Woodside (Ace of Hearts - Scandinavia original) (VG+) LP
1 x D'S CRAZE Anopsia (Digital Dungeon - USA original) (EX) 12"
1 x HELLACOPTERS, the Head Off (Wild Kingdom - Europe original) (SS) LP
1 x SOUNDTRACK Beat At Cinecittà Volume 1 (Crippled Dick Hot Wax! - Germany original) (VG+/NM) LP
1 x ORQUESTRA CRISTOBAL CHAVEZ Tropical Fire (Regal - UK original) (VG+) LP
1 x AGATHOCLES/シカバネ (Shikabane) Split (Red vinyl) (Keloid - Japan original) (EX) 7"