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WATAIN Casus Luciferi (InCoffin - Thailand reissue) (EX) TAPE WATAIN Casus Luciferi (InCoffin - Thailand reissue) (EX) TAPE 200kr Add to Cart
ZOMES/DANIEL A.I.U. HIGGS/THE SKULL DEFEKTS Untitled (Skull Disk - Sweden original) (NM) TAPE ZOMES/DANIEL A.I.U. HIGGS/THE SKULL DEFEKTS Untitled (Skull Disk - Sweden original) (NM) TAPE 150kr Add to Cart

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Record Labels
1 x POISON ELVES #18 (Sirius) (VG+) COMIC
1 x X-FACTOR #48 (Marvel) (VG+) COMIC
1 x HENRY & GLENN Forever & Ever #2 (Tom Neely cover) (NEW) COMIC
1 x ATROCITY MASTER Atrocious Doomy Noise (Cadaverizer - Spain original) (EX) TAPE
1 x DISGORGE Strangled (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BILL SKINS FIFTH Corrupted (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BEDROOMS Bedrooms (Iatrogenesis - USA original) (EX/NM) TAPE
1 x CARCASS GRINDER/VIVISECTION Split Live Tape (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CUNT DECIDE "579116952348" 99 Songs Demo (Criminal Law - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BASHIE From The Blurry Innah.. (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x DEVOID Devoid (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BLACK LEATHER JESUS Recycled (RR - USA original) (EX) TAPE
1 x DEICIDE Insineratehymn (Roadrunner - USA original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CATHEDRAL Forest Of Equilibrium (Promo. Signed.) (Earache - UK original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CHRISTIAN DEATH The Decomposition Of Violets - Live In Hollywood (ROIR - UK original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CATHEDRAL/AT THE GATES Split Promo Tape (Earache - UK original) (NM) TAPE
1 x DESPERATE CORRUPTION Deadly Spawn (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x DECOMPOSING SERENITY Give The Children Her Severed Head (Self released - Australia original) (EX) TAPE
1 x ARCKANUM Arckanum - The 11 Year Anniversary Album (Oniric - Spain original) (VG+) TAPE
1 x BLACK GRAPE Stupid Stupid Stupid (EX) TAPE
1 x CANNIBALISTIC DISSECTION 222 Songs Demo '93-'94 (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BENIGHTED The Master Of Darkness (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN (C.S.S.O.) Clitto's Special Hits Cover '95 Pt I (Obliteration - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CYNESS Industreality (Self released - Germany original) (EX) TAPE
1 x DESPERATE CORRUPTION Abortion of Harm - Promo 1994 (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CHEER Singing Sand (NEW) TAPE
1 x AMBIVALENCE Fluorescent Bleeding Chaos (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BACTERIA Septical Uproar (Self released - Australia original) (VG+) TAPE
1 x ATROCITY MASTER Noizz (Bloodbath - Japan original) (VG+) TAPE
1 x BASHIE Versatile-III-Styles - 98 (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CEREBRAL CONTUSION Products of Ignorance (Self released - USA original) (VG) TAPE
1 x CARCASS GRINDER リハーサル テープ (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE