GENOCIDE Unfucked (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE

Inlay: EX
The band copied this over random old tapes. This one being a Glen Campbell one. The plastic case has cutout on the spine. We're selling it like this since it came like this from the band. We can include a new case as well of course.
Extremely rare and very hard to find demo tape from Genocide, aka Genocide SS (Superstars). With Mieszko Talarczyk (Nasum, Krigshot), Dan Wall (The Accidents), Matt von Superstar and Rickard Alriksson (The Accidents).
Awesome Hardcore and again, a cassette that you probably won't find again.
Self released. Sweden 1994.

Record Labels
1 x DESPERATE CORRUPTION Deadly Spawn (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BEAST Beast (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) 7"
1 x BASHIE Versatile-III-Styles - 98 (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x DESPERATE CORRUPTION Abortion of Harm - Promo 1994 (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x OGRÄS EP (Red vinyl) (Self released - Sweden 2nd press) (EX) 7"
1 x BASHIE From The Blurry Innah.. (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BILL SKINS FIFTH Corrupted (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CEREBRAL CONTUSION Products of Ignorance (Self released - USA original) (VG) TAPE
1 x OGRÄS EP (Self released - Sweden original) (VG+) 7"
1 x DECOMPOSING SERENITY Give The Children Her Severed Head (Self released - Australia original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CARCASS GRINDER/VIVISECTION Split Live Tape (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BENIGHTED The Master Of Darkness (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x ENDOCRINE Promotion-96 (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x ANTHESTERIA/KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK Carnal Panzer Ritual (Self released - Russia original) (EX) CDR
1 x BLOOD DUSTER I Wanna Do It With A Donna (White vinyl) (Self released - Australia original) (EX) 7"
1 x DISGUST Disgust (Self released - Japan Promo original) (EX) TAPE
1 x I AM SUPER APE/MONO STEREO Psychonaut EP (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) 12" EP
1 x PASZTÖRÖZÖTT Gummientencore (Self released - Germany 3rd edition) (EX) TAPE
1 x LEBEMÄNS Demo (Self released - Sweden original) (VG+) TAPE
1 x CYNESS Industreality (Self released - Germany original) (EX) TAPE
1 x GROUSE MOUNTAIN SKYRIDE Grouse Mountain Skyride (Self released - USA original) (EX) 7"
1 x AMBIVALENCE Fluorescent Bleeding Chaos (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x DISGORGE Strangled (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x BACTERIA Septical Uproar (Self released - Australia original) (VG+) TAPE
1 x DEVOID Devoid (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x GENOCIDE Unfucked (Self released - Sweden original) (EX) TAPE
1 x MALCOLM GOLDSTEIN Soundings (Self released - USA original) (VG+/EX) LP
1 x CARCASS GRINDER リハーサル テープ (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
1 x CANNIBALISTIC DISSECTION 222 Songs Demo '93-'94 (Self released - Japan original) (EX) TAPE
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