HENRY & GLENN Forever & Ever #3 (Limited Shaky Kane cover) (NEW) COMIC

New comic.
This is the Shaky Kane variant cover.
Limited to 2500 copies.
Igloo Tornado/I Will Destroy You Comics. USA 2013.

I guess you all know what this is by now. Otherwise, as the creators says: "So, what's this book all about? Henry and Glenn are very good "friends". They are also "room mates". Daryl and John live next door. They are satanists. That's all you need to know."

Henry Rollins had this to say: "Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would NOT be amused."

Record Labels
1 x BLONDIE Eat To The Beat (Chrysalis - Canada original) (VG/VG+) LP
1 x BILLY BRAGG Help Save The Youth Of America (Live And Dubious) (Go! Discs - Canada original) (VG+) 12" EP
1 x CHARLATANS, the Some Friendly (Situation Two - Scandinavia original) (EX) LP
1 x ARMOURY SHOW, the Castles In Spain (EMI - Holland original) (VG/EX) 7"
1 x AC/DC Let There Be Rock (Simply Vinyl - Europe 1998 reissue) (SS) LP
1 x ANNETTE PEACOCK The Collection (Aura - UK original) (VG+/VG) LP
1 x AGNES OBEL Aventine (Play It Again Sam - Europe original) (NM) LP+CD
1 x BUCK CLAYTON A Buck Clayton Jam Session (The Huckle-Buck And Robbin's Nest) (Philips - Holland original) (VG/G) LP
1 x BILLY BRAGG Back To Basics (Go! Discs - UK original) (VG+) 2LP
1 x BILLY BUTLER Right Track (Outta Sight - UK reissue) (EX) 7"
1 x BABY DOLLS, the (Please) Don't Rush Me (Promo) (Gamble - USA original) (VG) 7"
1 x B.T. EXPRESS Peace Pipe (Roadshow - USA original) (EX) 7"
1 x ANNETTE PEACOCK I Have No Feelings (Ironic - UK original) (VG+) LP
1 x BLOWFLY Blowfly's Rapp (Weird World - USA original) (EX) 7"
1 x BOB Letter To May (Persona - Sweden original) (EX) 7"
1 x AMASON Duvan (Ingrid - Sweden original) (NM) 7"
1 x BENNY GORDON Suga Mama Suga Daddy (Soul City - USA original) (VG+) 7"
1 x BREAKESTRA Remember Who You Are (Rapster - France original) (VG+/VG) 12" EP
1 x BOBBY MARCHAN Hooked (Cameo - USA original) (VG/VG+) 7"
1 x CHARLATANS, the Over Rising (EX) 12" EP
1 x BIRDLAND Sleep With Me (Lazy - UK original) (EX) 7"
1 x ART BRUT Emily Kane (Fierce Panda - UK original) (EX) 7"
1 x BILLY FURY Billy Fury (See For Miles - UK original) (VG+/EX) LP
1 x CALLERS Life Of Love (Western - USA original) (NM/EX) LP
1 x BLOWFLY Disco (Weird World - USA original) (VG/VG+) LP
1 x ARTISTICS, the Hard To Carry On (Promo) (Brunswick - USA original) (VG+) 7"
1 x BARIS MANÇO & KAYGISIZLAR Unutamıyorum/Runaway (Sayan - Turkey original) (VG-/VG) 7"
1 x BEATLES, the Love Me Do (Red vinyl) (Mischief - Europe unofficial) (NEW) SHAPE 7"
1 x BILLY STEWART Secret Love (Chess - Holland reissue) (VG-/VG) 7"
1 x BROADWAY PROJECT/SOULSAVERS, the Split (Memphis Industries - UK original) (EX) 7"
1 x BROMIDE Fool in My Brain (Scratchy - UK original) (EX) 7"
1 x BEADY EYE Second Bite Of The Apple (Columbia - Europe original) (EX) 7"
1 x ANDWELLA World's End (ABC - USA original) (VG-) LP
1 x BLONDIE I'm Gonna Love You Too (Promo) (Chrysalis - USA original) (VG-) 7"
1 x BLOWFLY Butterfly (Weird World - USA reissue) (EX) LP
1 x BARKMARKET 1-800-Godhouse (Purge/Sound League - Germany original) (EX/VG+) LP
1 x BIG BLACK Il Duce (Homestead - USA repress) (VG+/EX) 7"
1 x BLUETIP Join Us (Blue vinyl) (Dischord - USA original) (VG/EX) 7"
1 x ADEM Launch Yourself (Domino - UK original) (EX) 7"
1 x ANNETTE PEACOCK The Perfect Release (Aura - UK original) (VG+/EX) LP
1 x ANNETTE PEACOCK X-Dreams (Aura - UK original) (VG/EX) LP
1 x BLOW MONKEYS, the It Doesn't Have To Be This Way (RCA - UK original) (EX) 7"
1 x BOOT HOG PEFFERLY AND THE LOAFERS I'm Not Going To Work Today (Promo) (Sound Stage 7 - USA original) (VG+) 7"
1 x APHRODITE'S CHILD Aphrodite's Child (Impact - France reissue) (VG+) LP
1 x APHRODITE'S CHILD Let Me Love, Let Me Live (Mercury - Sweden original) (VG+) 7"
1 x ALTERRA Alterra (Get Happy - Germany original) (EX) LP
1 x BILL DANA & JOEY FORMAN The Mashuganishi Yogi (A&M - USA original) (VG) LP
1 x BARKMARKET The Easy Listening Record (Brake Out - Germany original) (EX/VG+) LP
1 x CDATAKILL Severity Of Gravity (Low Res - USA original) (EX) 12"
1 x EC8OR Cocaine Ducks (EX) 7"
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