PLANET OF THE APES Cataclysm #10 (Boom) (EX) COMIC

Comic is EX.
By Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Damian Couceiro.
Boom Studios. USA 2013.
Record Labels
1 x JUAN SERRANO AND HIS CARIBBEAN COMBO Caribbee (Songs Of The Indies) (Adventures In Sound - Canada original) (VG/VG+) LP
1 x LOFFE GOES LATIN AMERICA South America 75 (Toniton - Sweden original) (EX/VG+) LP
1 x SOUNDTRACK Groovy Soundtracks (Beat Head - Europe unofficial release) (EX) LP
1 x ASTARTE The Ring (Of Sorrow) (Red vinyl) (Hot Fucked Shit - Greece original) (EX) 7"
1 x ARROW Zombie Soca (Arrow - Barbados original) (VG+) LP
1 x ART BLAKEY QUINTET A Night At Birdland, Volume 2 (Blue Note - USA 1963 repress) (VG+) LP
1 x FRED VAN HOVE/WOLFGANG DAUNER Requiem For Che Guevara (MPS - Japan original) (EX) LP
1 x KING KHAN & PAT METEOR The Fiery Tears Of Saint Laurent (Sub Pop - USA original) (EX) 7"
1 x BORIS Japanese Heavy Rock Hits v2 (NEW) 7"
1 x BERNT STAF Live (Metronome - Sweden original) (VG/VG+) LP
1 x KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS Tommy Of The River (Clear green vinyl) (Shattered - USA repress) (NM) 7"
1 x ANNA HÖGBERG ATTACK Anna Högberg Attack (Omlott - Sweden original) (NEW) LP
1 x BUNNY SIGLER/BOBBY BENNETT Keep Smilin'/Days Go By (Philadelphia International - UK original) (VG/VG+) 12"
1 x KLAUS KÖNIG, PETER FREI, PETER SCHMIDLIN Jazz Live Trio ‎– Galatea (Dire - Italy original) (VG+) LP
1 x CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D. (Black vinyl) (Season of Mist - Europe original) (NEW) 2x12" EP
1 x BILLY BUTLER Right Track (Outta Sight - UK reissue) (EX) 7"
1 x BODY SNATCH Revenge Of The Punter (Big City - UK original) (EX) 12" EP
1 x DEEPCHORD Electromagnetic Dowsing (S Y N T H - USA repress) (EX) 12"
1 x ANDERS F RÖNNBLOM Ramlösa Kvarn (Epic - Sweden original) (VG+) LP
1 x BORIS WITH MERZBOW Sun Baked Snow Cave (Hydra Head - USA reissue) (NEW) 2LP
1 x BASEMENT JAXX Fly Life (Multiply - UK original) (EX) 12" EP
1 x CHICKS ON SPEED Chix-52 (Chicks On Speed - Germany original) (EX) 12"
1 x SOUNDTRACK Groovie Goolies (RCA - USA original) (VG+/EX) LP
1 x SOUNDTRACK Ennio Morricone ‎– Revolver (Splatter vinyl) (Dagored - Italy reissue) (NEW) LP
1 x BRIAN AND THE EDEN Wishing You All The Best For Summer (Max Music - Spain original) (VG) 12"
1 x BLUESBLOCKET Bluesblocket (Blue vinyl) (Tredje Tåget - Sweden original) (No cover/VG+) LP
1 x CHICKS ON SPEED We Don't Play Guitars (EX) 12"
1 x KENNY BERNARD AND THE WRANGLERS The Tracker (Pye - UK original) (VG+) 7"
1 x BREAKESTRA Lowdown Stank (Now-Again - USA original) (EX/VG+) 12"
1 x C.P. LOVE Trick Bag (Promo) (Grapevine 2000 - UK reissue) (EX) 7"
1 x JOSE MORENO AND HIS TIJUANA-SOUND Dancing International In Mexico (Baccarola International - Germany original) (VG+/VG) LP
1 x DONALD BYRD Amen (Blue Note - Sweden original) (VG+) 7"
1 x ARETHA FRANKLIN If You Don't Think (cutout) (Atlantic - USA original) (VG+) 7"
1 x HUGH TRACEY African Dances Of The Witwatersrand Gold Mines Part 2 (Gallotone - South Africa original) (VG) LP
1 x CLUBLAND FEAT QUARTZ Let's Get Busy (Btech - Sweden Testpress) (EX) 12"
1 x SOUNDTRACK Jesus Christ Superstar Highlights (Top Hits - Norway original) (VG) LP
1 x LILL LINDFORS & MARCUS ÖSTERDAHLS ORKESTER Kom I Min Värld (Polydor - Sweden original) (VG+/VG) LP
1 x AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED PCP Torpedo (Orange/red vinyl) (Hydra Head - USA original) (NM) 6"
1 x AUTECHRE SplitRmx12 (Promo) (Warp - UK original) (EX/VG+) 12"
1 x AUTORITÄR Autoritär (Rødel - Germany original) (EX) 7"
1 x BACED! MEETS ULTRAFORM Pictures From The Masters EP (Venom - Germany original) (EX) 12"
1 x MALCOLM GOLDSTEIN Soundings (Self released - USA original) (VG+/EX) LP
1 x COVOX Final Mission E.P. (Rebel Pet Set - Sweden original) (EX/NM) 7"
1 x LYRES 7 (Moulty - USA original) (VG+) 7"
1 x FNL-GRUPPERNA Vietnam Är Nära: Sånger Av De Förenade FNL-Grupperna (Befria Södern - Sweden original) (VG+) LP
1 x BLOWFLY Electronic Banana (Beat Box - Sweden original) (VG/VG+) LP
1 x COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCHESTRA Basie (Blue vinyl) (Sonet - Sweden original) (VG/VG-) 7"
1 x SOUNDTRACK John "Rabbit" Bundrick & Johnny Nash ‎– Vill Så Gärna Tro - Want So Much To Believe Vol. 1 (Mellotronen - Sweden original) (NEW) LP+DVD
1 x GOAT Requiem (Stranded - Sweden original) (NM) 2LP
1 x MICKEY BAKER AND HIS ORCHESTRA Bossa Nova! (Musidisc - France original) (VG/EX) LP
1 x CODE 071 Ease Up Soundboy/Computerized Business (Trouble On Vinyl - UK original) (EX) 12" EP
1 x SOUNDTRACK Doctor Who And The Pescatons (Argo - UK original) (EX) LP
1 x BRUTAL TRUTH Evolution In One Take: For Grindfreaks Only! Volume 2 (NEW) LP
1 x EDMUNDO ROS AND HIS ORCHESTRA Ros Album Of Latin Melodies (Decca - Scandinavia original) (VG) LP
1 x JOE LOSS AND HIS ORCHESTRA Carnival (Columbia - UK original) (VG+/VG) LP
1 x BARFOS, the Crash Your Show (Cesspool - USA original) (EX) 7"
1 x ANAL MASSAKER/MEAT SHITS Split (Schnauf - Germany original) (EX) 7"
1 x FRANK SINATRA Come Dance With Me! (Capitol - USA reissue) (VG) LP
1 x BERNT STAF, KVARTETTEN SOM SPRÄNGDE Valhall (Silence - Sweden original) (VG+) LP
1 x EEGOS, the The Eegos (Felony Fidelity - USA original) (NM) 7"
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