JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU, the / THE KLF 2023 - The Audiobook (Dead Perch - UK original) (EX/NM) 7" BOX

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500 kr

Outer sleeve: EX (Has been cut open on the side, a bit crooked, but the sticker seal is intact.)
Record sleeve: NM
Record: NM
Insert: NM
The JAMs 2023 comes with 3 items:
• The Audiobook, a full download of 2023 a Trilogy by The JAMs, narrated by Daisy Campbell, run time 9 hrs 9 mins;
• The 7" Single in a picture sleeve inserted in a gatefold sleeve, narrated by Daisy Campbell;
• The Poster, BURN THE SHARD, a screen print by The JAMs, 83 x 53 cm in 3 colours on folded newsprint.
All housed in a 10” card mailer sealed with a variant of three Dead Perch Merch labels.
Wonderful stuff as usual when the KLF boys are involved.
Dead Perch Recordings – DPR 023. UK 2017.