LES RALLIZES DENUDES Great White Wonder (Phoenix - UK reissue) (NM) 5LP BOX

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Box: NM
Records: NM
Insert: NM
First vinyl pressing. Was originally released as a CDR in 2006.
Very rare box set, limited to 1000 numbered copies. This is #128. Comes with insert.
Includes four live shows:
13 July, 1974 at Hebon Bldg, Meiji Gakuin Daigaku
1 October 1975 at Adan, Shibuya
22 July 1977 at Nichifutsu Kaikan (Maison Franco-Japonaise), Tokyo
7 November, 1980 at Kanagawa University (previously available as a "bonus disc")
Fantastic Experimental Psych/Noise from Japan.
Phoenix Records – ASHLPBOX1. UK 2011.